Feel Dubai is…

Feel Dubai was born of a desire to help visitors prepare for their stay and experience the destination in a highly personalized way.

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A voyage of personal discovery in Dubai.

Expatriates for nearly 10 and 5 years respectively, we have pooled our local knowledge, strengths and know-how to serve customers eager to immerse themselves in the art of living in Dubai. We are passionate about sharing the richness and diversity of Dubai with our customers, enabling them to discover the city in an authentic and personal way.

– Yveline Borès Jacobin

Our mission is to help our customers discover Dubai and its surroundings in a way that best suits their desires.

Our aim is to share with our customers the attractions of this megalopolis of the Emirates, which will not leave them indifferent.

To do this, we offer packages that sum up our concept of personalized travel, where our customers will be guided by our favorites, our discoveries and all the latest news.

Your intimate guide to a unique experience.

We’ve lived, breathed and explored every nook and cranny of this metropolis to bring you an authentic insight into the art of living in Dubai. The Emirate is as fascinating for its history as it is for its futurism. On the one hand, modernity with its skylines, and on the other, the traditions of the old city with its wind towers and museums that bear witness to its past. The change of scenery is at its best when you watch the sun set over the sand dunes.

– Patricia Pichavant

private trips to Dubai, feel dubai, feels dubai

“Travel is the best way to lose yourself and find yourself at the same time.”

– Brenna Smith

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We tailor each experience to your needs.

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